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Ultimate Tweaker V1.0.3 for WordPress

دانلود افزونه 210 ابزار کاربردی برای وردپرس

امروز با افزونه Ultimate Tweaker که یک افزونه شگفت انگیز هست ، در خدمت شما هستیم . این افزونه دارای بیش از 210 ابزار مفید در 38 دسته هست که وقتی نصبش کنید ، تقریبا دیگه لازم نیست که افزونه ی دیگه ای روی سایتتون نصب باشه . هر چیزی که فکرش رو بکنید ، این افزونه به سایت وردپرسی شما اضافه می کنه !! مثل ابزار های امنیتی ، سئو ، جلوگیری از کپی محتوا ، تغییرات ظاهری ،تغییرات در پنل مدیریت و … . برای دیدن امکانات پلاگین Ultimate Tweaker V1.0.3 به ادامه مطلب بروید .

ut_fast1 ut_first1 ut_keyboard1 ut_login1 ut_maintenance1 ut_role_manager1 ut_roleselection1 ut_screencasts ut_any_theme1 ut_branding1 ut_contentprotection1

امکانات و ویژگی های این افزونه : (چون زیاد بود ، ترجمه نکردم ؛ ساده هستن)

علامت گذاری ها :

  • Remove “— WordPress” from title – suffix will be deleted from admin page title
  • “WordPress” rename – rename globally all words to your own CMS name
  • Big menu logo – add big logo on top of side menu
  • Favicon for admin area
  • Change link, button and icon colors
  • Button with logo to start of admin bar.li>
  • Use site or any url
  • Sub-menu with any links or pages
  • Use logo with link to any url
  • Hide default link and text
  • Use any HTML code
  • Remove “Screen Options” panel – contextual options panels will be deleted in all pages
  • Remove “Help” panel – contextual help panels will be deleted in all pages

ایمیل :

  • Change from email address and name – will be used for all sended emails

پوسته :

  • Smooth scroll in Chrome
  • Enable fast click on Touch-devices
  • Load jQuery from CDN
  • jQuery CDN (provided by MaxCDN)
  • Google CDN
  • Remove version parameter from css/js files

تمیز و مرتب کردن:

  • Remove wlwmanifest – used in Windows Live Writer client
  • Remove the prev and next post link
  • Remove shortlink for the page
  • Remove canonical link for the page

فاو آبکون و لوگوها :

  • Set favicon
  • Apple Devices Logos – iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone Retina, iPhone, iPad, iPad Retina
  • Windows Pinned site
  • Application name
  • Set background color for a live tile
  • Tile image
  • Navigation button color
  • Set small, medium, wide, lange image tiles

جستجو :

  • Search off – if you are using Google Search you can turn off default search
  • Redirect to single result
  • Pretty url
  • Search by title only
  • Define number of posts per result page

وبلاگ :

  • Automatically email contributor when their post is published
  • Show empty categories – need this if you wanna group categories in empty category
  • Categories include/exclude
  • Tags include/exclude

محافظت از محتوا :

  • Obfuscate Email
  • Disable text selection
  • Disable right-click
  • Disable image dragging
  • Disable PrintScreen button

امنیت :

  • Remove WordPress generator tag
  • Custom “generator” META-tag
  • Add nosniff header
  • Add xss protection header
  • Prevent embedding inside an iframe
  • Expire Protected Page Cookie
  • Disable file editing in admin area
  • Remove Really Simple Discovery tag – used by different desktop and online blog clients
  • Disable Pingbacks

reCaptcha 2 :

  • Protect Login page
  • Protect Registration page
  • Protect commenting form
  • Dark and light themes

دیدگاه ها:

  • Strip all tags
  • Remove all urls
  • Disable “make_clickable” function
  • Disable “wptexturize” function
  • Check comment minimal length
  • Enable comments auto-closing
  • Show close comments notify text
  • Open external comment links in new window – adds target=”_blank”
  • Remove form url field
  • Allow anonymous comments
  • Convert Twitter name to links in comments


  • Open external post links in new window – adds target=”_blank”
  • Make content urls clickable
  • Convert Twitter name to links in content
  • Disable content “wpautop” function
  • Disable content “wptexturize” function
  • Custom After Post code

منطقه مدیریت :

  • Block admin page for subscriber
  • Enable links manager
  • Set default page editor – which editor will be loaded on edit page by default
  • Enable additional TinyMCE buttons
  • Different status colors – pages will be highlighted in list by different colors
  • Disable import tool – will be totally disabled and link Tools > Import hidden
  • Disable export tool – will be totally disabled and link Tools > Export hidden

نوار ادمین :

  • Show on hover – hidden by default and shows on hover
  • Totally hide on site
  • Hide on site only for subscriber
  • Remove WordPress Logo button
  • Remove default buttons
  • Add “Log Out” button
  • Replace “Howdy” text
  • Add Custom menu

داشبورد :

  • Hide widgets
  • Hide “Welcome to WordPress!” widget
  • Hide dashboard
  • Set dashboard to 1 column layout
  • Add custom widget with title and text with shortcode support


  • Add “Menus” to root level
  • Hide all menus and sub-menus

مدیا :

  • Rename files on upload – no original, names like ‘8d632bc0208111d6d8a435c210754eea.gif’ will be used
  • Set JPEG Quality
  • Enable SVG files support
  • Allow contributor upload files
  • In content
  • Remove links around images
  • Remove
  • tags from around images
  • Remove width & height attributes
  • Public Attachment Page
  • Disable attachment pages
  • Disable comments

کنترل بر پوسته ها:

  • Disable installation
  • Disable switching
  • Disable deletion
  • Disable customizing
  • Disable theme editor

کنترل بر افزونه ها:

  • Disable installation
  • Disable activation/deactivation
  • Disable deletion
  • Add fast access “Upload” link to sub menu
  • Disable theme editor
  • Hide installed plugins in list

ویدجت ها:

  • Enable shortcodes in Text Widgets
  • Hide/unregister widgets

کنترل بر کاربران:

  • Disable list users
  • Disable creation new
  • Hide “Admin Color Scheme” selection

مطالب و برگه ها:

  • Disable revisions
  • Limit minimum post word count
  • Add thumbnail column in list
  • Remove short words from slug – words less 3 chars will be removed from url slug
  • Custom notice in editing page – add custom notice panel with title and text in editing page
  • Disable auto-save
  • Disable TinyMCE editor
  • Disable tag auto-complete for posts editing page

ثبت نام و ورود به سایت :

  • Enable login with Email
  • Custom Login Error message
  • Add Login Form Message
  • Always check “Remember Me” by default
  • Log In required to see site
  • Redirect subscribers to home page after login

ثبت نام :

  • No new user email to admin
  • No password change notification
  • Auto-Login after registration
  • Redirect to special page after registration
  • Appearance
  • Custom logo image with size and paddings
  • No Shake Login Form
  • Change button & links color
  • Background image with cover of repeat modes
  • Transparent style
  • Hide “Back to blog” link

بروز رسانی ها:

  • Disable WordPress Updates
  • Hide update message in footer
  • Hide “Updates” element menu
  • Core update Auto Installation mode
  • Disable Theme Updates
  • Disable Plugins Updates

آدرس ها :

  • Change url of author to user
  • Set special author link page

سئو :

  • Add meta copyright
  • Add Google Analytics code

خبرخوان و خوراک :

  • Turn off feeds
  • Remove the standard feed links from &lthead>
  • Add featured images
  • Custom head and footer for Rss

حالت تعمیر و نگهداری :

  • Define logo, message and background image(cover or repeat modes)

میانبر های کیبورد :

  • Ctrl+. L – Pages list
  • Ctrl+. N – New page
  • Ctrl+, L – Posts list
  • Ctrl+, N – New post
  • Ctrl+, C – Post categories list
  • Ctrl+, T – Post tags list
  • Ctrl+S – Publish action
  • Ctrl+Shift+S – Save action
  • Ctrl+Q – Preview action
  • Ctrl+M – Menus
  • Ctrl+Shift+M – Menus on new window
  • Ctrl+Y L – Users
  • Ctrl+Y N – New user
  • Ctrl+B – Comments
  • Ctrl+i P – Plugin install page
  • Ctrl+i T – Theme install page
  • Ctrl+i U – Plugin upload page
  • Ctrl+i Y – Theme upload page
  • Ctrl+Shift+L – Logout

ویژوال کامپوسر :

  • Close windows on Esc hotkey
  • Save element on Ctrl+Enter
  • Open editing window on icon click
  • Hide “VC: Custom Teaser” metabox
  • Hide/unregister elements
  • Disable frontend editor

ووکامرس :

  • Redirect to checkout after adding to cart
  • Remove WooCommerce generator tag
  • Remove feed
  • Remove ordering combo
  • Change “Out of stock” message
  • Enable “Already in cart” button text
  • Change “Description” tab text
  • Change “Shop” title
  • Hide default tabs on product page
  • Set number of products displayed per page
  • Automatically complete orders

ابزار ماشین نسخه برداری :

  • Add duplicate action in page/post list, special metabox
  • Copy taxonomies on duplicate option
  • Copy meta on duplicate option

ابزار ترجمه سریع :

  • Translate admin area or site words which processed via special functions(__(),_e() and etc.)

امکانات عیب شناسی :

  • Show generation time – number of SQL requests, generation time and memory consumption will be shown for all pages
  • Hide Ultimate Tweaker in menus and save access via special link
  • Set special Not Found(error 404) page
  • Import/Export between sites



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